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Stop Focusing On Your “Weight” So You Can Actually Lose Weight!

Updated: Jul 10

I honestly believe that in this life there are specific connections that happen that are just “meant to be.”  When I met Nicole, this was absolutely the case!

When Nicole came to me, I was actually relatively “fresh” from my own healing journey overcoming Breast Implant Illness. To say I’d been through the ringer was an understatement.

While Nicole didn’t have BII, she was dealing with chronic inflammation, which was getting in the way of her weight loss goals. She didn’t know that at the time, but her symptoms were all too familiar to my own experiences.

Rachel Justicia in mirror

Nicole had a history of yo-yo dieting and quick fixes - diet pills, excessive fasting, chronic calorie depletion (you know the 1,200 calorie game), nutrient deficiencies, etc.

At the time, she was beyond FRUSTRATED! She felt like she was doing ALL the right things, yet she couldn’t get those last 15 pounds to budge.

Nicole had worked with coaches, personal trainers, and was even tracking her food, but NONE of these approaches addressed the underlying issues that she was actually dealing with.

And the more she tried to lose weight, the worse she felt. She was dealing with all sorts of hormonal issues, gut issues, fatigue, mood swings, and in general she lost her “umph” when it came to life.

 Everything was a Battle!

The core of my Signature Program is based on inflammation, so I knew I could help her, AND I also could truly empathize with so much of what she was going through.

And that is what helped her to trust me, AND go ALL in with the approach that I felt confident would help her to reach her goals.

Nicole lost the weight, but more importantly, she went from obsessing about the number on the scale, to focusing on foods, choices, and a lifestyle that actually brought her back to life!

What Nicole wanted was to feel in charge of her body and her life again, and not feel the exhaustion of the “belief” that it wasn’t possible!

Imagine a new belief…

Let’s rewrite your story together.

Reach out with any questions or sign up for a time to chat.




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