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Functional Lab Testing



No matter what your goals are, even small changes in your nutrition can make a HUGE IMPACT and creating LASTING DIFFERENCES!


Each functional wellness test contains everything necessary, including detailed instructions, on how to noninvasively collect the sample and send it in for analysis. The resulting report contains a unique, comprehensive assessment into many of the key microbes that are essential for human physiology and overall wellness.

*All tests include a complimentary 60 minute virtual analysis and protocol 

Functional Lab Testing



The GI Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth look into the health of the gut microbiome. The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract contains an ecosystem with more than four trillion microbes, living in a symbiotic relationship with their host, while performing duties essential to the health of the individual, such as assisting with digestion, hormonal balance, immune modulation, and neurotransmitter function. Gut Health is EVERYTHING! 

What this information provides for YOU!

  • Utilizes cutting-edge quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology

  • Keystone microbial diversity and gut fungal balance

  • Intestinal permeability and gut barrier function

  • Digestive function, nutrient absorption, and GI motility

  • Inflammatory status and immune function in the gut

Investment: $499


Functional Lab Testing



The Metabolomics Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth view of the function and efficiency of multiple aspects YOUR unique biochemistry and metabolism. This analysis will help us get a clear picture of your metabolic performance and pathways.

What this test does for YOU!

Metabolomic analysis allows us to see the larger picture of your health by evaluating the function of key metabolic pathways. This provides YOU with targeted support and lifestyle changes for a truly personalized approach.

  • Metabolic and macronutrient processing

  • Mitochondrial function and micronutrient status

  • Amino acid, protein, and neurotransmitter metabolism

  • Inflammatory response and oxidative stress

  • Detoxification and microbial metabolites

  • Stress, mood, and overall well-being

Investment: $399


Functional Lab Testing



Innovative Functional Lab testing allows me the ability to get an in depth understanding and accurate picture of what is going on. The more knowledge we have for your unique situation, the better we can customize a wellness plan that delivers results!

Success Story

"Rachel is an inspirational and strong woman. She has such a deep calling to help women love themselves and to help them discover the power of self care internally as well as externally. We all need a Rachel in our corner, someone full of compassion but also the right amount of push and accountability. She’s super knowledgeable and knows that one size doesn’t fit all. She truly understands that you have to meet people where they are and go from there."

Rachel Justicia Coaching Testimonial


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