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Embracing Change: Mindset Strategies for Navigating Perimenopause

Updated: May 10

woman contemplating perimenopause

I wanted to take a moment and talk about Perimenopause! I’m gonna be really honest with you - Perimenopause sorta caught me by surprise. I was NOT prepared. I didn’t really know what was happening!

My journey has taught me a lot thus far (and by no means am I an expert!), but, I wanted to share some helpful PERIMENOPAUSE MINDSET STRATEGIES that have helped me personally as I have maneuvered through all the WEIRD CHANGES happening. 

Perimenopause Mindset Strategies

Your ENERGY and ATTITUDE will determine your level of suffering. 

  • Be gentle with yourself. This can be a confusing time, with lots of changes!

  • Relish the good days! Find gratefulness and joy in even the smallest things 

  • Be compassionate on the bad days, and look for the lessons - they are ALWAYS there!

The more trauma you have unresolved, the GREATER your suffering.

  • I find this especially true if you are a mom. Imbalances start on an emotional level. This is not just some “woo” theory, this is FACT!

  • Childhood traumas absolutely present themselves in Perimenopause.Take a deep look at what’s coming up. It’s coming up to be released. 

  • Shift PROBLEM thinking to OPPORTUNITY and CURIOSITY thinking. 

Get YOUR needs met in whatever ways you can - AND DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!

  • Find Rhythm, Routine, and Rest. 

  • Connect with your body - ask it what it needs.

  • Create YOUR circle of SUPPORT (including doctors, healers, coaches, friends, energy workers).

Understand that there is NO ONE SOLUTION to Perimenopause.

  • Proper Nutrition has an enormous impact on your journey. Likewise, a shitty diet will impact how you feel during this time in your life. 

  • Supplements and herbs can be very beneficial if used correctly.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be highly beneficial, BUT it will not solve all your problems.

I’ll be talking more about Perimenopause over the next few months! Be sure to check out my social media as well for more helpful tips. 

And if you are looking for support in the areas of Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle, I would love to help! 




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