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Prioritize Your Health: Metabolic Balance Program for Busy Moms

Updated: May 10

Rachel Justicia and son

The journey (and perhaps even tenacious pursuit) of my own health and confidence has been one of continuous evolution. It certainly hasn’t been a journey without roadblocks and obstacles.

Ironically, after the birth of my son, my health took a downward spiral. I could barely get out of bed some days, all my hormones plummeted, I was depressed, anxious, and my body was in a constant state of inflammation. And losing weight felt IMPOSSIBLE!

If you are a mom, you know that having kids shakes things up, ESPECIALLY PLANS AND ROUTINES!

BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t reach our weight loss goals, revive our nutrition, and regain confidence!

As we approach Mother’s Day - This is What I Know:

NOTHING feels better than having your HEALTH - LITERALLY NOTHING!

No bouquet of flowers, or box of chocolates or bottle of wine, can ever replace VITALITY!

So to all the Moms out there, if you haven’t made your health and weight loss goals a priority, The time is NOW! Prioritize your health with my Metabolic Balance Program for busy moms!

Stop feeling selfish or putting everyone else first because you feel some sort of guilt or shame!


Not only do you get to feel confident, healthy, sexy - IT’S YOUR RIGHT!

Metabolic Balance Program for Busy Moms

My signature Metabolic Balance Program is comprehensive, backed science, completely customized, and TOTALLY ATTAINABLE for busy, driven moms!

And because we will ALWAYS be a mom no matter what day of the year it is, prioritizing your mental and physical health is ALWAYS important for you and your family.




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